Saturday, November 28, 2009

A belated Happy Thanksgiving!

Things are going nicely for my two boys right now.  When I took Radar and TK back for their recheck TK's bloodwork is still holding normal, so he's been released from vet care.  Radar still has a tiny bit of ear infection, so he's still being treated for that.  I have to take Radar back on December 2nd for a recheck on his ear.

They've discovered a new way to wake me up in the morning.  Radar noses his way underneath my covers and works his way down until he's right at the small of my back.  Once he reaches that point TK then starts pouncing on him from the outside of my covers!  While I'm sure it's a grand game for these two little rascals, those needle sharp claws of Radar's sure don't feel good!!!  I'm hoping that they will invent yet another way to wake me up real soon, something that doesn't involve clawing me awake.

It's kinda hard to show both TK and Radar in one photo....TK's whiteness gets very bright, and Radar's blackness makes him tend to lose details.  LOL!

Freon likes to spend some time with the kids, when they're calm and not rough housing around.  TK is using Radar as a sort of body pillow, and Radar doesn't seem to mind being squished at all.  Silly boys!

Here the three of them are, all snug in my computer chair.  After I took this photo TK and Radar left the chair to spend a little of their energy wrestling!

Radar has done his famous hip toss to TK, and is preparing to pounce on him.  I try to supervise their play more now, it seems that Radar has discovered that TK has testicles and, obviously being a bit mystified by them, he often tries to remove them, much to TK's squeals of protest and pain!  Speaking of this rather personal thing, Radar hasn't yet developed (or dropped) either testicle yet!!!  My vet has said that when I decide to have the boys neutured they'll have to perform abdominal exploratory surgery on Radar to locate his missing testicles. way!  He may actually not have any!  Given the fact that he has birth defects (missing one eye, the other tiny and for the most part sightless, plus the flip tip ear), he may not have testicles, which would explain why they haven't yet descended.  I've done a little research and discovered at least two different ways that my vet can tell whether Radar has testicles without having to do surgery.  One way is to examine his penis.  If it has "spines" on it then he must have at least one testicle, but if it's smooth and spineless then he doesn't have either testicle.  Also, there's a test that can be done where they take a baseline blood sample to test testosterone levels, then they give him an injection that forces his testicles into testosterone production, and rerun the bloodwork at certain intervels to see whether the testosterone level rises.  Again, if it does then he has testicles hiding somewhere, but if the bloodwork continues to show no testosterone then he's sterile and doesn't have testicles.  I'm not sure if my vet's clinic can perform this type of bloodwork, so I'll see if they can examine his penis for spines first.  Either way, I don't want him to undergo surgery if it's all for nothing, ya know?

Why's my brother wanting my private parts???

Saturday, November 14, 2009

New photos!!!

Radar and TK are both doing really well, they go back to the vet this coming Wednesday evening for their respective rechecks.  Hopefully TK's cbc will be within normal limits (he's still quite pink) and Radar's ear infection will be gone.  They're playing well, sleeping good, and eating a totally cat friendly diet now.  At last weigh-in (11/7/09) TK weighed 1739 grams and Radar was 1256 grams.  So, here are some new photos of the guys!

 Here's Radar trying to take a nap........but something got his attention!  He's getting fuzzier (as if that's possible) and looks like he's having a bad hair day most of the time.  Or......he could be suffering fly-away hair from us having the heat on!  LOL!

TK with his new sleeping partner Jasmine.  I'm so glad that the guys are trying to show her some interest!  Jasmine is 15 years old (my oldest kitty here) and she misses her sister Cinnamon a lot.  I lost Cinnamon several months ago to crf.  Now that the boys are here Jasmine seems to have taken a new interest in life in general! 

TK and Jasmine sleeping together again, with Radar trying to join in!  I had hoped that Radar would be the one smitten with Jasmine, but he doesn't seem as interested in spending a lot of time with Jasmine as TK is.  Oh well, what can I do?!?!?  (Just goes to show ya that cats certainly have minds of their own and will do as they please!)

And if this picture doesn't say it all, nothing will!  Jasmine momma's TK, and TK really does seem to love having her company.  Beautiful, eh?