Saturday, October 3, 2009

In searching for new toys

Well, things here are going great with Radar and TK.  They no longer get crated at night, and even though I've lost quite a few hours of sleep to their midnight play sessions, I'm so very glad that they have blended in so well with my furry family. 

I've been searching for new toys that they both would like, which is a bit hard.  TK seems to prefer to play with things that move, while Radar prefers to play with things that make sounds.........logical, eh?  Have you looked at kitty toys on the market lately?  Seems they tend to fall distinctly into one category or the other, and I haven't yet found one single toy that covers both movement and sound adequately enough to really entertain these two boys.........until I made a trip to my local Dollar General store.

Funny thing was, I didn't go there looking for kitty toys!  I often shop there for cheap supplies for my school bus.  I went there one day last week, and decided to see what they had for kitty toys.  I didn't see anything at first that I thought would interest Radar or TK, but as I looked I saw these kitty play cubes.  Now, if you happen to have young children you know what play cubes are.  I thought about it, and almost talked myself out of not buying any, I really didn't think these kittens would like them.  But, on the offhand that they might, I grabbed one and started walking through the store getting my other supplies.  Then I found myself right back at the kitty toys again, so I grabbed another play cube.  In the end though, I bought 3 of them.  They were only $4 each, and if the kittens didn't like them maybe one of my other 6 would.

That evening when I got home from work I went about setting up the play cubes.  Data, Freon and Speedy showed immediate interest in the cubes, but TK seemed quite frightened of them.  Radar didn't know what the ruckus was about.  After the adult cats left the cubes TK started investigating the play cubes, and by the next day both kittens seemed to think that these new toys were the greatest thing!  OMG, they LOVE them!  And their method of play changes daily with the cubes.  At first they used the cubes to hide in from the other.

This is TK hiding from Radar, just waiting for him to walk by so that he can pounce on him!  Look at those "bug" eyes.......he gets soooooo excited!!!

Then they decided that these cubes could be like wrestling squares, and the games were on!

Then they decided to change tactics and Radar climbed up the outside of one of the cubes, and got himself on top, while TK waited inside trying to figure out which cube Radar was on.  Once TK located Radar he reached up and grabbed the dangling toys on the inside top, pulled on them, and Radar went to bouncing away on the top, like he was on a trampoline!  They are so funny!

In that last photo you can see TK inside of the red cube pulling down on the top to bounce Radar.

Another thing they've added to their play cube games is they'll both jump onto the top of a cube to collapse it, then they'll wrestle on the top of the collapsed cube!  All I can say is that this was the best $12 spent on toys so far!

Other than toys, the boys are doing great.  They are still eating canned AD, but we are gradually transitioning them over to the adult cat food.  We're taking our time doing this so as to not upset Radar's tummy too much.  One thing I've noticed is that these two boys will eat just about anything, be it cat food, dog food, and/or people food!  They are so totally into "our" snack/junk food that I've practically given it up myself.  I don't know if at some point while they were living outside maybe they somehow got into someone's garbage and developed a taste for it, or if they were just so hungry while outside that this "starving" mentality has become a part of them.  Either way, we're working very hard at developing some manners in our boys!

Radar's diarrhea has nearly gone now, just a "soft" episode every once in a while.  I haven't weighed them in quite some time.......they refuse to be still long enough for the digital scales to get their weights.  That's ok though, I know they're eating and growing stronger every day, so weight isn't an issue right now.

Radar got his last dose of SMZ-TMP this morning, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll continue to do well now that he's off the antibiotic.  If you look closely at the photos you'll notice that one of Radar's eyes shows well.  He is indeed a micro-eyed kitty, and we think that the source of infection was there.  Since he's been on the antibiotic one eyelid opens well.  That one eyeball is clouded over and there is no sight.  The other eyelid doesn't open much at all, therefore I don't have a clue if he has an eyeball in that side or not.  But, if he should start acting ill again I know my vet will represcribe this antibiotic until Radar is big enough to undergo surgery to remove his eyes and close the lids.  He has to be at least 5 pounds before this can be done though, and I certainly don't want any infection to stand in his way of continued growth.  For now, I'll be watching him very closely.

More updates to follow............... :^)

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