Monday, September 21, 2009

They're loose in my house!!!

We finally made the decision to allow both of the kittens to have the run of our house at night.  We picked Saturday night because neither of us work on Sunday, so we could sleep in if we lost any sleep.  Well, we slept fine!  The boys, on the other hand, didn't.  I don't know just what they did all night, but come Sunday they both pretty much slept most of the day.  Now that they've had a couple nights out of their crate they are adjusting nicely!

Notice how fluffy Radar is getting?  He's hefty now, having filled in his ribs and no longer feels frail and bony.  His diarrhea comes and goes, but even that has seemed to settle down a lot now.  He's still on antibiotics, but other than that, the only other medicine he gets is .3 ml twice daily of kaolin pectin. 

TK is of course the ever present whiner!  He isn't sure what to make of Radar's new found health, so he doesn't want to be on the floor much.  He'd much rather be in our lap, so I let him nap in my lap for a bit, but as soon as I put him down I see this pitiful face and hear him whining.......he's a very sweet guy, he is just unsure and/or not used to having Radar get the best of him.  They'll figure it all out eventually.

Here they are playing with one of their favorite toys......a jingle bell ball that dh tied a shoestring to.  Usually one gets the shoestring end, the other gets the jingle bell ball, and within moments they're wrestling each other, the toy tossed aside and temporarily forgotten.

This is a good indication of their growth.  This bowl is my dog's food bowl and is about 8 inches across.  Yeap, they're certainly growing.  What I really love is when I return home from work, as soon as I open the door, they both come running to greet me!  Sure makes one feel good to know there's a couple fuzzy faces on the other side of the door that are eager to see you!

I've been trying to hunt down toys that I think both Radar and TK would like, but it's hard.  TK is definitely into movement, chasing a laser dot like no tomorrow.  Radar is into sound, but not all sounds.  For instance, I bought them a crinkle sack.........and TK won't have anything to do with it, Radar wants to nap on top of it.  I've tried seeing how they'd like catnip, but neither seem too interested in it right now.  But, they're just 3 months old, so maybe as they grow they'll develop more of an interest.  At least then I could get toys that have catnip scent and know that Radar can locate them by smell.

They still eat canned AD, but we are allowing them small amounts of other foods.  TK really likes dry Friskies, Radar will nibble at it from time to time.  TK is more adventurous in appetite, and more bold.  He'll get right underneath my dog as she is eating a milkbone just to grab at the crumbs!  Thankfully my dog lets him get away with that....she likes cats a LOT!

I haven't weighed them for several days because......well, they just don't like to hold still long enough anymore.  Oh, and we definitely know that Radar has at least one very small micro eye.........his eyelid has opened just enough to see that there is one now.  So as soon as he gains enough weight (local vets request at least 5 pounds) we'll have that taken care of so he'll never get another infection in there.

Talk with you soon! 

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