Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Feeling so much better now!

Hi again! It's hard for me to believe that my two boys are now 11 weeks old! They're growing like weeds.....I last weighed them on the 13th and Radar was 722 grams, TK was 852 grams. It looks like Radar is going to catch up to TK.

While I know they're growing, we still put them into the huge crate at night and when we're not here to supervise them. That'll have to stop soon, but for now I'm a bit worried that Radar will get himself into some sort of trouble if left alone. So far he's not as much into jumping up on things like TK is. I did teach him just after we got the boys how to get himself down off our chairs and couch. He can get up them fine, he climbs up easily, so I just reversed him and held him while "climbing" him down. He learned that in just three passes, now that's the only way he gets down.

Oh, an update on Radar's poo problem.......we actually had a nice, normal poo from him last night! But then, this morning both of the kittens were really wanting out of the crate, crying and yelling at us, after they ate breakfast they both got into the big kitty litter box and sure enough, TK's was normal but Radar's was liquid poo again. I'm beginning to think that when he feels stressed out his tummy gets upset, and that's the "end" result. Maybe this is something he'll eventually outgrow........

They love playing together in the morning when I return from work. TK used to get the best of Radar, but now the tables have turned. Most mornings while I'm here at the computer reading email I can hear TK's yelling and carrying on because Radar has pinned him down and is refusing to let him get up.

The kaolin pectin that I ordered came in this morning so I zipped off to pick it up. I left the two kids loose figuring that I wouldn't be gone too long, and when I returned they were both on the couch looking at me like "Hey, where'd ya go??" It was cute! I immediately shook the bottle up well and gave Radar his first dose. Of course, his response was "Ewww....yuck.....ewwww" and wanted down immediately. Oh well, I don't care what his mouth thinks of it, it's more important now to see what his other end thinks of it! LOL!

Oh, I should add that they are both completely weaned now. TK hasn't shown much interest in the baabaa for several days, and Radar took his final sip from baabaa Saturday morning. He hasn't looked back for it since! They're both still eating canned AD for now because I really want to give Radar's digestive tract a rest, let things heal and settle down, and then I'll start introducing small amounts of different foods. No sense in causing things to get all upset again.

TK doesn't seem to have a favorite toy, he'll play with anything that moves! Radar's favorite is a simple jingle bell ball that DH tied to a long shoestring! They both play with it, plus they have a ball in a plastic track thing that they like, various mice and balls, and a feathered tiger tail thing on a wand. In truth I think that one of TK's favorite toys is any of my other cats' tails. He'll be laying in a chair and as any of my other cats pass by he'll reach out and grab their tail, giving it a little chomp. They don't seem to mind at all, I guess it's some right of passage here.

Well, that's about it for now........next post I'll have a bunch of photos for ya!

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