Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We had play!

I finally was able to talk with my vet yesterday about Radar, his diarrhea, and the ER vet visit. She told me that he definitely needs to be on an antibiotic, but agreed that clavamox isn't going to be the best choice for Radar. I told her to get whichever antibiotic ready and I'd be up to get it shortly.

Well, it turns out that she decided to give SMZ-TMP a try, but because of Radar being so small, she didn't have any pills that could be cut down into small enough doses. Instead, she compounded it right at the clinic into a liquid (and they added a bit of cherry flavoring?!?!?) and I brought it home, immediately giving Radar his first dose. Oh man, talk about foaming, spitting, and sputtering! At one point he followed me around looking very much like a rabies candidate! With him being black, the white spittle/foam/slobber stood out clearly on his little face. And he insisted upon following me the whole time he was busy looking rabid, like he needed me to witness what I had done to him. Oh well.........

He is still on carafate 3 times a day, although now that I'm back to work (was off due to holiday weekend) the timing is way off, and yes, sometimes it's given too early after eating, or he'll eat too early after taking it, but I'm doing all I can with it. Plus he's getting 1/2 teaspoon of canned pumpkin at least 4 times a day. At times he'll have a nearly normal poop, other times it's a bit watery..........but the best news is:

WE HAD PLAY TODAY! Radar and TK played today together for the first time since last Wednesday! Oh, it almost made me cry to see them enjoying time together like this. At least now we know we're on the right track, finally!

I know we'll most likely have more ups and downs with Radar, but it's definitely worth it. To see him enjoying life like every kitten should just warms my heart. And TK, well, he's fine, doing great, talks a lot, eats a ton of food, and purrs like there's a big diesel engine inside of him.

In over a week I finally got a chance to relax a bit, not being so stressed out over Radar's rear end. And, I didn't need to give him a mini bath today either.

So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping with all I can hope with that both Radar and TK will eventually become the adult cats that they're meant to be, and continue enjoying their lives with us.

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