Friday, September 11, 2009

Pics of the boys

I just weighed my boys tonight and it looks like Radar is trying hard to catch up to TK. Radar weighed in at 662 grams (1 pound 7.35 ounces) and TK weighed 812 grams (1 pound 12.64 ounces). That means that Radar has gained 136 grams in just 5 days, and TK has gained 10 grams in 5 days. I think that dear little Radar was a very, very sick kitten, and is working hard now at trying to get healthy! Plus, we really don't know exactly when this infection hit Radar, but it's obvious that he's had it for a while. Hopefully, they'll both continue to grow into the beautiful, loving kitties that they want to be. :)

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