Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hi, this is Debra, I'm TK and Radar's human mom. I rescued these two kittens from a certain death. A few feral females had kittens and eventually they brought them to live underneath my house. Most of the kittens were extremely afraid of people, with the exception of Radar and TK. Over several days we started noticing that one by one the kittens were disappearing. I don't know for sure what was happening, it could have been a tom cat, or a raccoon, but these two were the last ones and I wasn't about to lose them.

We got them on a Saturday evening and let them spend the rest of the night playing in our bathroom. We have 6 other kitties and a dog, so I got a baby gate to keep the kittens apart from our adult cats. At night we put them into a huge airline crate to keep them safe. The following Monday I took them to my vet where they both tested negative to FIV/FeLV/heartworms, got dewormer, capstar for fleas, and ears cleaned and treated for mites. The vet estimates them to be about 7 weeks old.

Once all that was done I brought them back their forever home.

It's been a real challenge getting them both to eat. Radar was born with no eyes, but he does have working tear glands. At first Radar wouldn't eat any food, but he would suck KMR from a nurser bottle. And, even though TK has eyes and can see, he wants everything his brother gets. Radar would be well one day, sick the next, well the next........I finally figured out that Radar was eating cat litter because it was the one thing he could smell! So, my next task was to find cat food that Radar actually could smell. We're still in the "figuring" out phase, but so far he'll eat turkey cutlets sprinkled with canned tuna, and Meow Mix canned food. He still drinks KMR from his bottle, but that's happening less and less.

Best thing is that they are indeed thriving and growing. This blog is for them, about them, and the rest of my furry family. And life with a blind kitten.

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