Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hi! Welcome to my world!

Hi! My name is Radar (as given to me by my mom). I'm a little blind kitten. Although I don't know what "blind" means, I hear people say this word when they talk about me. Let me tell you a story of how I got to where I am today.

My furmom lives outside with a few of her relatives, and my mom feeds her and them. There were many kittens, but they didn't want the humans to touch them, and eventually they all disappeared. My brother (my mom and dad call my brother TK) and I didn't fear these people, they seemed nice enough, and they always was gentle to us both.

This one day (Saturday, August 15th, 2009) the people take both me and my brother into their home. They fed us, gave us toys, and loved us. We were a little afraid at first, we've never been inside of a home before. They let us play in a room all to ourselves. A couple of days later we got put into a small plastic box and we went for a ride. Oh, we were soooo scared! Then the car stopped and our box was carried into another place....could this be our new home? We finally were let out of the box, and some people did naughty things to us. They stuck us with sharp things, poked our butts with a slick stick, and gave us nasty tasting stuff! Finally, after it seemed like forever, we were put back into that plastic box and got another ride. This time we went back to the place we came from, our home!

I got sick when we got home....I just didn't feel good at all! Mom found out that one of the things given to me at that place we went to didn't agree with me, and she worried about me a lot. The next day I felt better, and so did brother. But, I get hungry, and can't see, so I eat things I smell, like cat litter. I'm so happy, my tummy feels good with this new strange food, until.....I get sick again! You've got to understand, I'm silly, and young, and I'm having a hard time learning what's good for me to eat and what's not.

This blog will be written by me, my brother, and mom..................

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